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Boardwell Mechanical Services was established in 2016, but the Boardwell Family has been servicing West Michigan’s HVAC-R needs for over 40 years.


Our service and installation technicians work hard to provide your home with year-round comfort and reliability. Our technicians are quality-trained, drug-free, and well educated in the HVAC-R industry.


Whether temperatures are soaring into the high 90’s or the low teens, we are here to service, maintain and install quality products in your home. At Boardwell Mechanical Services, we strive to keep you informed with up-front pricing so that there are no hidden costs associated with our services.


Michigan residents know that Michigan temperatures can be hard on your equipment, and that is why we have developed a maintenance agreement to best suit your needs.

Did you know that the average home needs to have their equipment serviced twice a year to ensure proper airflow, correct charge, ensure that the home is free of carbon monoxide, and to evaluate all moving parts? A proactive approach to maintaining your equipment with our team allows you to have peace of mind all year long. If you’re interested in our maintenance program, please contact our office at 231-894-6843 for more information.

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